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Directions: Please watch the video below of where to enter Pepperwood Park and where to park.

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Then for the gallops:

  • With the signing-in hut on your right, follow the track running along the left side of the SJ arena.
  • Keep going straight on the track between the paddocks.
  • Through the gap in the fence and turn LEFT Down the gallops to the oval part of the gallops which you can use to go round and warm up then back up the gallops to the top of the slope then turn round when you get to the grass at the top of the gallops and come back down to repeat as many times as you need to in the hour.
  • Leave the gallops at the same place you entered them. Please do not go anywhere else on the property or use any of the other arenas
  • We will obviously collect droppings so no need to worry about these on the gallops.

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Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 – 19:00

Address: Pepperwood Park, Hoplands, King’s Somborne, Stockbridge SO20 6QH